Friday, 4 April 2014

sweaty limbs and happy hearts

travellers from all the way on the other side of the world ! 

look at that right maniacal loon

"wave and look popular or something !!" - Su Ning

Sometimes you just gotta take full advantage of those 'sunday funday' tickets and go on a mad little traipse round town. Cityrail has an annoying little habit of letting you down every so often, but that's partially redeemed by kindly allowing you to madly abuse all forms of transportation for a whole day for a measly $2.50, so it all evens out. Drag along a semi-willing friend and you have yourself a beaut of a day. 

Ferry-rides, potato stacks and gelato optional. 

x Joyce 

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Eat, waste time, study, sleep, repeat

Title says it all really. All my life consists of right now is taking about two-three naps every day, wasting time on irrelevant wikipedia articles, studying a teeny-tiny amount, eating to reward self for aforementioned tiny about of productive-ness and then napping. I still have little to no idea of how to write essays. Help. 


how glorious is the cross section of that burger? praise the deities. 

Saturday, 15 February 2014


It's my birthday today !!

I'm turning sixteen this year, my first real 'growing-up' milestone birthday and it feels strange and exciting, a sort of tingly good weird. I worked out a lot of things about myself in the last year, who I want to be, what I want to do, and other little life epiphanies. I refocused, and set my sights on what I wanted, after figuring out what it was I actually wanted first, and now I'm working my way towards that. And it feels good. Really good. Especially since the year before, I've been listlessly, aimlessly just floating passing the time. The next two years are going to be pretty intense, with the hsc coming up (a sort of university extrance exam where I live) and I'm going to try my best to get to where I want to be. 

Alright, enough with the heavy stuff; so how did I spend my very first day of being sweet sixteen? I woke up this morning to my mum carrying a beautiful sight indeed, a little minty blue drawstring bag (have you guessed what it is yet?) that's right ! A tiffany's bag. Man oh man. I'm a lucky girl. Inside this lovely little package was a silver tiffany bean necklace. I blearily opened one eye (having stayed up late reading another amazing gift, Mindy Kaling's hilarious 'Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? and other concerns') but just about leapt out of bed when I saw the reason I was getting awoken. I prompted clasped it around my neck and am never-ever-ever taking it off. 

The rest of the day was spent (as birthdays should be) eating yummy food (the house dip at three williams is seriously good), and exploring the myriad of colourful organic produce and fresh flowers at Eveleigh Markets. I FOUND KALE Y'ALL!! They taste somewhat like seaweed! (in baked chip form anyway). 

As I'm typing this out, full of chocolate mousse cake and love, I'm feeling pretty darn grateful. Going to bed now, mum's high school friend from France is visiting tomorrow! 


looking slightly dazed from smiling into the sun


Friday, 14 February 2014

Saint Valentine

Happy valentine's day everyone! As holidays go, it's certainly not the most inclusive one, but I always celebrate it, for an entirely different reason.

My friend Lucy and I have valentine's day sandwiched in between our two birthdays. Her's is on the 13th and mine the 15th, which basically means, on the 14th, we exchange gifts and eat cake for lunch. SO much better than any old flowers or chocolate don't you say?

Lucy if you're reading this, valentines for life ! :) 

Saturday, 8 February 2014

new year new things

A new year is always a  fresh start.

Sometimes my brain can get overrun with thoughts, being a naturally neurotic person, but writing everything down always helps. This beautiful mint journal with gold polka dots is a nice place to do that.

Smith's rosebud salve is something I've always been meaning to try, being a much loved cult classic and I can confirm it's amazing.

My bottle of rimmel's wake me up was on it's last legs, so I thought I'd try something new and after reading somewhere that l'oreal's lumi magique was a decent dupe for giorgio armani's maestro (which is way out of my price range) seemed a good a pick as any. It is a little more pink toned than my natural natural skin, but the formula goes on effortlessly with light to medium coverage, and I'm enjoying using it through summer.

Here's to another year of goals achieved, laughter and good food.


p.s. lush bath bombs are the best way to turn around a not-so-great day ..